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It's Easy to Pass Your NSW Learners Test

Many New South Wales residents do not pass the DKT licence test on the first try. That's money down the drain, time wasted, and no Learner's Permit.

The Best Way to Pass Your DKT

But that doesn't have to be you. Take our FREE DKT practice tests as many times as you want and get ready to pass the official DKT NSW Test.


Prepare for the Exam

You get access to hundreds of multiple-choice DKT practice questions just like the ones on the actual exam.


Practice the Tests

Take the DKT practice tests as often as you want until you're confident in passing. Our DKT tests are FREE.

Pass DKT practice Test

No registration is required to access the DKT practice tests. Use the tests with your manual to prepare.

The DKT is as Easy as 1-2-3


Take our NSW DKT practice tests


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Sit and pass the official NSW DKT

Why the DKT Practice Tests Work

Easy to Understand

Correct and incorrect answers are color-coded so you can quickly tell what the answer is. And it helps you keep track of how well you're doing in preparing for the DKT.

Instant Feedback

Keep track of your progress and know which questions you correctly answered immediately. This reinforces what you learn and helps you with retention for the actual test.

Answers Explained

The answer to each question is explained so you can relate it to the NSW driver's manual. It makes it easier to study for the test with all the information in one place.

Get ready for your driver's knowledge test

Study for your DKT and get your learner's permit in no time. Join the thousands of Aussies who use the DKT practice tests to prepare for their Driver's Knowledge Test.


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