Practice real HPT questions to pass your NSW Hazard Perception Test

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  • Practice questions based on the real HPT Tests
  • Enjoy unlimited attempts until you're ready
  • Improve Your Hazard Perception Skill
  • Take the official test & upgrade to P1 Licence

Do you have the skills you need to get a P1 Licence?

Increase your chances of upgrading from a Learner's to a P1 licence by passing the hazard perception test. The simulations are structured just like the state's actual test. So, take the practice tests and prepare for the HPT the easy way.

Practice & Pass Your HPT - It's That Simple

New South Wales

Get the resources you need to pass the NSW hazard perception test and move on to your P1 Licence.

Southern Australia

Free practice hazard perception test for SA residents. Get the online resources you need to pass.

Western Australia

Test your readiness to pass the WA hazard perception test and step up from your Learner's Licence.


Pair your VIC HDT manual with our VIC hazard perception test practice simulations and pass with ease.


The hazard perception test QLD is easy when you prepare the right way. Practice the HDT QLD online now.

Prepare to Pass the Hazard Perception Test

Study the HPT

Your state hazard perception handbook gives you the basic guidelines to study for the test. But reading alone won't give you the test prep you need to pass. So, study the handbook and combine your knowledge with HPT practice tests online.

Take the HPT Practice Test

There are no limitations on the number of times you can take the practice hazard perception tests. Practice the hazard perception test online free and see the scenarios just like how they would appear in the official government HPT test.

Get Your P1

With the HPT out the way, you're much closer to getting your P1 Licence. So, take your hazard perception test practice and get prepared to pass the official test in your first sitting. When you prepare online the right way, you will pass.

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