How To Make a U-Turn Properly

How To Make a U-Turn Properly

Here to learn about something you don’t already know or want to reinforce your knowledge about an already existing terminology or process? Then let’s imagine a scenario where you are preparing for your driving exam and somehow you end up getting stuck at learning about u-turn. U turns can be pretty disturbing, especially when they are performed with a lot of traffic around you. However, this is pretty common among the new and inexperienced drivers, so do not get mad at yourself or disappointed if you do not know how to make a proper u turn. We are here to help you in any and all the ways we can and ensure that by the time you finish reading this article, you would be a master at u turn. However, in order to perfect your mastership, you would need to practice it over and over again.

There are several driving lessons that would cost a few bucks but teach you everything you know about driving but there isn’t really any need for them since, in this age of technology, you can easily go on to learn everything from the internet. Let’s get right into it.

What is a U-Turn?

Let’s first take a look at what a u-turn actually is. U-turn is a driving procedure in which you switch over to the opposite lane in order to drive in an opposite direction (see figure). A u turn looks similar to a three-point turn but instead of breaking the procedure into three separate steps, u-turn is performed in a single step. A “u” shape is formed as your vehicle switches towards the opposite lane; hence, the procedure is named a “u turn”. I guess if you really like making u turns, you could say (bad pun alert) I’m in love with the shape of u.

What do I need to know before I perform a U-Turn?

There are several things you should know before performing, or trying to perform, u turn. These things are mandatory to know since they might be the key to saving your life from both car accidents and traffic violations. We have tried to keep them as short as possible and keeping optional in the details section so as to not bore you with the details. Here is a list of things you should know before you perform a u turn:

1- U Turns are not allowed everywhere. Ensure that you see u turn sign or a sign that shows you that u turns are not allowed before you perform u turn.

2- U-turns are prohibited when the traffic light of the opposite lane is green while yours is red. Crossing the red light even if you have to make a u-turn will result in a traffic violation being applied to your name. 

3- U-turns are also prohibited in extreme weather conditions which make visibility low.

4- You are also not allowed to make a u turn when driving on an inclined road, a curve, or on the freeways. U turn on a highway is not allowed, instead, there is a different approach for you to switch to the opposite lane.

We hope that while practicing the u-turn after reading this article, you will keep these few things in your mind in order to avoid any kind of catastrophe sent your way.

Where and when should I perform a U turn?

Performing a u turn is easier than you might know, however, there are certain conditions that it demands. As mentioned above, you can not perform a u-turn on an inclined road, a curve, or on a freeway, and when there are traffic signs preventing you from doing so. So, when are you actually allowed to perform a u turn? Well, to answer that simply, you can make a u turn everywhere other than the aforementioned locations/statuses.

Our recommended places to perform an efficient u turn are as follows:

  • A clear, uninclined road with little to no traffic.
  • Intersections.

If you believe that you can get away with performing a u turn and not cause any trouble to anyone by performing it in any of the other locations than the ones mentioned above, you are welcomed to do so!

As for the question of when you should perform u-turn, the answer is whenever there is low traffic, or the destination of your choice can be now easily accessed by performing a u turn.

How to make a U Turn?

Now that we have finally reached the interesting and the focus part, let’s review the steps included in making a u turn. A proper U turn procedure is listed below, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open to take in as much information as you can to help you learn better. Also remember that these instructions for Australia; if your country drives on the other side of the road, be sure to change the steps accordingly.

1- Switch over to the extreme right lane on your side of the road. This will help you making a smooh u-turn and not prevent any traffic behind or aside you to halt your procedure, neither will it block their flow.

2- Provide an indicator to the right. This will signal the traffic behind you that you are about to make a turn, or a u turn.

3- Stop at the intersection (or any decided place to make a u turn), check for the traffic on your side and on the opposite side, and then double-check for any kind of hurdles or blockades that might prevent you from making u turn.

4- Once you are absolutely certain that it is safe for you to perform the u turn, rotate the steering wheel completely towards the right and start to slowly enter the opposite side of the road.

5- While you are switching to the other side, keep an eye out on the traffic or pedestrians and avoid hitting them. Redirect your vehicle towards the proper direction to prevent any mishap.

6- Always aim to enter the far-left lane of the opposite road to broaden your approach during u turn, however, if there is no space or there is a lot of traffic, then direct your vehicle to go with the far-right lane.

7- Always straighten up your vehicle after you have entered the opposite side of the road. 

That was all! Not so hard, is it? We hope you practice it over and over again in order to perfect yourself in this art. If you still need help, you can always head over to Easy Driving Tests in order to prepare for your driving test, or just learning how to drive, by doing fun exercises that both test your knowledge and provide you enough information to master your driving skills!

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