Steps to Pass the Australian Citizenship Test on First Attempt

Steps to Pass the Australian Citizenship Test on First Attempt

Congratulations on meeting the residence requirements for Australian citizenship. By now, you must have familiarized yourself with Australian culture and economy and have learned a few tricks to budget your expenses to make room for savings. You can now start the naturalization process. Other than the residence requirement, the Department of Home Affairs requires you to pass a character test and citizenship test. The former of these tests will assess if you will be a valuable addition to Australian society and will abide by laws and regulations. The latter will assess your understanding of local traditions and laws.
Although this citizenship test isn’t difficult to pass, around 1.8% to 4% of test-takers fail it. You would want to pass it on the first attempt to speed up your citizenship process. Here is how you can ensure a pass on the first attempt:

Step # 1: Know the Test Structure

If you drive your car, you must have already gained insight into the Australian assessment system with your experience with the Australian driving test. Use this knowledge to understand the test-taking process. Know what you will encounter on the test date so you can strategize your preparation accordingly. It is a computer-based English test consisting of 20 multiple-choice questions. These questions will cover topics like Australian people, traditions, customs, symbols, values, laws, and government. You will also be asked about your responsibilities and privilege after becoming a citizen.
You need to score 75% or more marks to pass the test. All five questions in the values section should be answered correctly. Plus, if you leave any question unanswered, your test will be marked as a fail.

Step # 2: Read the Study Material

The questions on the test cover study material recommended by the Department of Home Affairs – Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. In addition to studying this booklet thoroughly, you should also listen to Our Common Bond Podcast. Most people need five to ten hours of study to cover the booklet only.
Prepare notes as you study the booklet so you can revisit them before taking the exam.

Step # 3 Revise

Once you have gained confidence in your understanding of the study material, you should proceed to the revision stage. Take practice tests from a trusted resource. Your revision partner will not only take you through different topics on the test but will also take complete mock tests when all topic areas are reasonably prepared.

Step # 4: Hone Your Test Strategy

Australian citizenship test offers an easy test format. You get 45 minutes to complete the test which only has 20 questions. You get more than two minutes to answer these questions. The questions are presented in plain language and should cost many precious seconds for comprehension. But you may get delayed if you get stuck on a question. In such situations, you should leave the question and move on to the next one. Once you have answered other questions, go back to attempt that question.

Take Away

The Australian citizenship test is easier than the same for many other countries. But you must prepare for it to pass it the first time. Don’t rely on your knowledge of local customs and traditions to get through it. Instead, read the Our Common Bond booklet and prepare thoroughly. Then, increase your confidence by taking as many practice tests as you can fit into your schedule before the test date.

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Steps to Pass the Australian Citizenship Test on First Attempt
Steps to Pass the Australian Citizenship Test on First Attempt

Posted on 12 26, 2022