Travel Guide Tips to Dubai 2021

Dubai is one of the most stylish and modern cities with an extravagant lifestyle. Everyone wants to visit this beautiful city once in a lifetime. However, it’s luxury and style make it more expensive for the visitors and tourists even then million people visit Dubai each year. Their visit is either for business purposes or tourism. The city of gold is a travel Hubspot with the latest and tech-savvy features. Most of us do not know that it was a small fishing town but with the discovery of oil in the UAE, it becomes a stylish and luxurious city.

Travel Guide Tips to Dubai 2021

Dubai is the best place to spend your holidays in a foreign city. Your trip to Dubai is quite safe as the crime rate is very low there. There are a lot of things and activities to do in Dubai as it is the home of skyscrapers, modern buildings, wonderful shopping malls, beautiful beaches, and many more. You can visit all these places and others to make your trip excited and memorable. But before your visit to Dubai make a complete research on everything. Also, you need to opt to rent a car dubai so you can wander around with your folks.

Here is a guide for you in which we discuss some important points and tips you should know about before you visit Dubai, especially if you are visiting the Emirate very first time.

Best Time to Visit Dubai

The weather of Dubai is very harsh during the summer season. It may exceed 50 degrees or above. So visiting Dubai in such hot weather is not recommended. Mostly the summer season lasts in Dubai from May to September. If you are traveling to Dubai as a tourist or visitor, visiting it in winter is suggested for you. You can visit it from October to April to enjoy its beauty and glimmering views during daylight. Months other than these are not suitable as the weather is quite hot in them.

Dressing Code in Dubai

Travel Guide Tips to Dubai 2021

Dubai is an Islamic city but that does not mean it is conservative too. It is a liberal city where you can wear shots. If you wear full sleeves clothes and pants according to the culture of Dubai it is appreciated. This is because it seems always to be good to respect the culture and tradition of the place you are visiting. Moreover, your dressing code depends on the months you are visiting Dubai. If your visit is in the summer season, pack light cotton clothes, t-shirts, and pants while for winter jeans, full sleeves shirts, jackets along some caps and gloves are recommended.

Best Places to Stay in Dubai

Travel Guide Tips to Dubai 2021

As Dubai is a traveling hub and people continue visiting it throughout the year, this city is full of hotels. It has a normal budget-friendly hotel to the expensive and luxurious ones. For budget-friendly options, you can find a place anywhere in Downtown, Bur Dubai, Deira, Al Basra, etc. but if budget is not an issue and you can afford an expensive hotel too, then you can find resorts, 5 or 7-star hotels, or different beautiful villas in Dubai. Some of the best and expensive hotels in Dubai are Voco, Farimont, Taj, and many others.

Getting Around in the City

For traveling around in the city, you can use public transport like metro buses. These buses arrive after every 20 minutes at the bus station and follow a specific route to get the passengers around the city. You can also book a cab or taxi if the metro bus route does not suit you. However, if your visit to Dubai is more than 3 days renting a car from any car rental company is highly recommended for you. It is the best option to roam the city as it allows you to move whenever and wherever you want.

Fascinating Attractions For Visit

There are countless wonderful attractions and places in Dubai that are worth visiting. But few of them are those that you should never avoid. These may include Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, Dubai Gold Souk, and many more. But if you have a lot of time, you can visit every corner of the city of gold. Dubai Creek Park, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Frame, and Dhow Cruise are also some of the famous tourist attraction places In Dubai.

Where to Eat in Dubai

Travel Guide Tips to Dubai 2021

Dubai has numerous options of food corners for tourists or visitors coming from any corner of the world. It has franchises of famous food chains around the globe. There are several restaurants where you can enjoy Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, American, Pakistani, UAE traditional food, and many more. Behind all these food options, you can also try their street food which is also good in taste. You can also find traditional Arabic food in different restaurants in Dubai.

Some important things to know before you visit Dubai

Some other important things that you should know before visiting Dubai are given below.

  • It is better to plan your trip at least 2-3 months before the considered travel date. It is because you can enjoy the best rates and deals for your air travel, hotels, and tours, etc.
  • Bring your international driving license or IDP along with you if you want to drive a rented car in the UAE. Without your license, you are not allowed to drive it.
  • Respect the culture and tradition of Dubai and dress up properly.
  • Do not take pictures of someone without their permission.
  • Do not split on the road, otherwise, you will end up paying up to a 500 AED fine.

Get in touch with any cheap car rental Dubai company to book a car for your trip according to your budget. Also, book it in advance especially if you are traveling in the rushy months.


Some of the important tips are shared with you in this blog. Hope you will read and understand them before your tour so you can make it the best and memorable for you. Happy Traveling!

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