Sydney Trip Planner: The best way to visit in Sydney on a budget

Sydney Trip Planner The best way to visit in Sydney on a budget

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is the most populous city in the entirety of Australia and is a house to Australia’s most magnificent sights. The infamous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are among the most commonly known tourist attractions places in Sydney, however, there are plenty of others which a common man does not know about. Known as the Harbour City, Sydney was first being planned to be named as ‘New Albion’ but was later changed to its current name in order to honor the main person responsible for the development and establishment of the city of Sydney, Lord Sydney.

Since then, the city has been one of the most famous in the entire world. Sydney was also considered when choosing the capital of Australia, however, Canberra was the one that took the title officially. Our Sydney Trip Planner will inform you of all the best places, methods, and ways to visit Sydney on a budget all while enjoying yourself to the fullest. 

What to do in Sydney?

The question that is most asked for any trip planner whenever Sydney is considered is “what to do in Sydney?” Let us first ask you a question; are you sure this is the question you want to ask? Or do you want to make amendments in it and change it to “what can you not do in Sydney?” There is a lot you can do in this great city. You can visit different locations, you can eat different foods, stay at different locations, go and learn different things about the city itself; in short, you can experience the Australian culture to its fullest. There are no limitations to the possibilities of actions you can perform once you are in Sydney. 

Places to visit in Sydney:

As mentioned earlier, Sydney sightseeing is probably one of the most common reasons people visit this city. There are many different landmarks that you can visit once you are in Sydney and that surely includes the aforementioned Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Without wasting any time, let’s get right into the list of places to visit in Sydney:

1- Sydney Opera House:

Not only is this a well-known landmark in Australia but it is the most known landmark. The Sydney Opera House is a marvelous opera house and a really popular tourist attraction that lies on the Syndey Harbour on the edge of the city. Sydney Opera House is a must-see location for everyone and even if you don’t get to see it from the inside (which, by the way, is extremely beautiful), you can still marvel at the unique and amazing design of the exterior of the building. Seeing it up close is just breath-taking. 

2- Sydney Harbour Bridge:

Just like the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge is a place that you can just stare at for hours and hours. It is an architectural beauty and extremely well made to both attract everyone and withstand any kind of pressure put on it; hence it is both beautiful and reliable.

3- Sydney Harbour:

Sydney Harbour is one of the harbors in the city and is one of the most beautiful places in the entire city. The calm, unending sea, the view of Sydney Opera House nearby, and lots of restaurants located nearby make this landmark an absolutely amazing tourist attraction site.

4- Sydney Tower:

Sydney Tower is the tallest building in the entirety of Sydney and the view from the top of it is actually pretty good. You can see all of the city around you but from the way above. It is advised that people who are afraid of heights should not go there unless they want to remove their fear of heights for which this place is actually pretty good.

5- Paddy’s Market:

One of the best places to shop around for when you are on a budget, Paddy’s Market is a black-market looking place where you can get everything for cheap and the quality would still be really good. It is perfectly legal, however, so anything you buy from there is good to go and won’t put you in any trouble. Just watch out for pickpockets since it is a really crowded area. Paddy’s Market opens on Wednesday to Sunday usually in the daytime.

6- Bondi Beach:

Among the most famous beaches, Bondi Beach is the one we consider the best because of its extremely great reviews and marvelous location. This place is really great to visit for not only the surfers but for all sorts of people since the beach is open and welcoming to everyone that visits it.

7- Queen Victoria Building:

The building is a famous shopping mall but you do not necessarily have to buy anything in order to visit it. You can just go there and marvel at the astonishing architecture that this building has.

Tips to save money while in Sydney:

Since you are on a budget, you do not need to spend more than you actually need to in Sydney. Sydney is a really expensive place so you need to save up as much as you can in order to survive your trip here. Here are a few tips on different topics to save your money while in Sydney:

1- Residence:

Our personal opinion, as your professional Sydney Trip Planner, is to look for a cheap hotel in order to stay at a Sydney since we are assuming that you are on a budget. There are several places that we can suggest to you in order to stay. These are all cheap and offer a great living experience and value. If you are thinking about renting an apartment, you should choose a destination which is not usually popular. An apartment in Penrith will cost you about 350$ a week for your residence. The best strategy is to divide the rent with your roommates if you have any; that way all of you can save up a lot of money.

However, if you want to live in a hotel or a hostel, Urban Newtown is a great hotel for both couples and singles. Apart from that, the Secret Garden Backpackers and West End Backpackers is a great choice!

2- Transportation:

Walk. Yes, walk wherever possible. It will save up a lot of money. If you have to travel to a distant location, consider using public transport or an Uber. Ubers are better than taxis and public transport is even better!

If you are thinking about purchasing a car, don’t. Since you are on a budget, a load of taxation, paperwork, and other car-related costs would surely eat up all the money you have. If you still want to buy it though, a regular, not so fancy Sedan would surely meet all your needs.

3- Sight-seeing:

Do not spend a lot of sight-seeing. And by that, we DEFINITELY DO NOT mean that do not visit or miss out on several great places in Sydney. Just… do not spend once you are there. There might be several things that attract you that you definitely do not need to buy, so just ignore them!

4- Shopping:

Simple; do not buy what you do not need and if you need it, buy a cheaper alternative.

That was all we had to say as your Sydney Trip Planner. We hope that you learned something new and good from our article and if you want to check out more of them or want to learn about driving and driving-related techniques, visit Easy Driving Test right now!

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