Which Car wax Is Better For Your Car| Car Wax Types

Which Car wax Is Better For Your Car| Car Wax Types

While talking about cars, the main thing about them is their maintenance. Having a car is easy but to maintain it in the best state is quite difficult and not easy for everyone. For this, the manuals provided helps you to give your car full-proof maintenance.

What is car wax?

The process of cleaning and restoring the originality of your automobile. Wax is a product used to provide a clean and lavish look to your car. It is like reshaping your automobile towards a new look.

Difference between car wax and car polish:

Few mixes the concept that car polish and car wax are alike but there are huge differences between the two.

Car waxing is a unique process. It gets the shine and protection to your car that isn't easily achieved. A car wax purpose is to increase the protection of a previously polished surface. Car wax is a non-scratchy coating which usually contains Carnauba and other kinds of waxes. After washing it is applied to your car and, eventually, it dries to a thin, milky-white layer (when and if applied suitably) and is then wiped or polished off with a microfiber towel. The wax serves as a clear and shiny protective layer of your car.

A polish is used to remove the minor surface imperfections and the formed scratches, oxidation and spotting, and is designed to correct the paint to smooth out and level the edges to reduce the amount of light that the scratch imitates. For car fanatics, car appearance and perfection will lead to an all-day car pampering process. This may seem extreme for some but it’s pure satisfaction for car lovers. 

Types of cars wax:

There are hundreds and thousands of car wax products of different types but mainly, few of them are:

  • Paste Wax
  • Liquid Wax
  • Spray Wax
  • Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax


1- Paste wax:

Paste wax is a thick and creamy wax that is applied with a rag, polishing into the grains of the wood until a highly pulsating shine and polish forms. It was the first form of wax introduced but has now been replaced by modern techniques.

2- Liquid wax:

Liquid wax is the top-selling variety of car wax which usually comes in a spray or squeezes bottles. This type of wax is easy to apply. It is easily poured onto a car and is widely spread and glossed. Usually, it requires less time than applying a paste. Since liquid wax is easily available, the only disadvantage of liquid wax is it takes longer to dry than solid wax.

3- Spray wax:

If you are short for time but want a professional finish, the Spray Wax is the fastest and efficient way to a dazzling show car shine. Its mist on and wipe off formula is incredibly easy to apply and delivers best results; better than what you'd expect from other waxes. Effortlessly wipe off the spray and in no time it will be done. This can be useful in direct sunlight and does not leave rubber or textured than other waxes do.

4- Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax:

It is an exciting and best car wax which is a way to easily protect your paint and comparatively more protection and durability than other conventional wax by simply spraying on to rinsing off and then aeration. There’s no rubbing or other things to do and is the most populous method nowadays that works in no time.

Difference between Carnauba wax and Synthetic wax:

Carnauba wax adds the glossy effect, the shine and lightning effect and is the best way to protect your car from humidity while Synthetic wax is the glossy layer of the car. It’s not actual shine but temporary shine that comes within the wax.

Eight ways of applying wax to your car:

Following ways are the easiest to wax out your car to give a shiny look to your automobiles:

1- Buy a good quality wax in any form from your nearest automobile accessories shop. There are several brands to choose; do your research and select the best one for your car.

2- Wash your car and let it dry. Your vehicle should be completely dry before waxing.

3- Read the instructions on the car wax. You would be able to know the precautions and necessary measures to apply wax, and get a clean pad to apply the wax with.

4- Choose an area of your vehicle to start waxing car. Dip the pad into the wax and apply on the car but do not wax any exterior plastic, headlights, tail lights, or any other area advised in the manual.

5- Apply the wax in a small and circular motion. A thin layer of wax should be suitable to apply to the entire vehicle making sure that the whole of the surface is covered with wax.

6- After applying the wax to the whole surface area of your car in vertical and horizontal rotations, check the dried part you started first for whether or not it is glossy.

7- If you leave the coating for a long time, it will not damage any part of your car.

8- Rinse off the wax with soft and cotton clothes and in the end, a shiny protective layer on your car will appear.

The aforementioned steps explain how a car is waxed in order to maintain its shine and glossy look. It's important for every individual to know about the maintenance of their cars and the best products for their automobiles. The advantages and disadvantages of these products their usages and best qualities including the process to use.

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