How To Convert Your Overseas Driving License To An Australian License?

Convert Your Overseas Driving License To An Australian License

Fulfilling the legal requirement to drive on the roads, driving license stamps the capability of a driver to efficiently drive the vehicle and protect oneself from any road-inconvenience. Having an Australian driving license is super cool, allowing you to avoid the hassle of public transport by driving every nook and corner of Australia on your own.

However, if you’ve come to visit, work, or study in the island country, you’re required to fulfill the automotive rules and regulations of the concerned government for the ultimate benefit of people at large. Overseas driving licenses ought to be transferred to the Australian ones after a limited period following the relevant state or territory of Australia.  

If you’re living in Australia and looking to conßvert your overseas driving license to the Australian one, you need to follow the instructions devised by the government of Australia. In this article, you’ll come to know everything you need to legally drive with a recognized license.

Transfer the overseas license to an Australian one:

Most of the states of Australia allow you to drive on international driving licenses for not more than three months. Within this period, you must transfer your overseas license to the Australian state license. Each state or territory inhibits varying periods and rules for the process and conversion of driving licenses.

However, the procedure of obtaining an Australian license would be more easy and feasible if you have successfully passed the citizenship test of Australia.

Steps involved:

For the process of license conversion, some of the generally required or common steps are discussed as below:

 ✓ Proof of identity

✓ Getting your overseas driver’s license recognized

✓ Look for the tests you’ll need to undertake

✓ Submit the conversion process fee

✓ Apply in person

 Pass the practical driving assessment test

Proving your identity:

The foremost and commencing step in the process of license conversion requires proving your identity as enunciated by Roads and Maritime Services if you’re living in New South Wales. Providing the original document based proofs to the RMS will identify you as a responsible citizen of your country.  

Recognition of your overseas license:

The recognition of your overseas driving license is the next most important step in the ongoing process requiring you to verify if you have the license of a recognized country or not. Having a license from the list of recognized countries will exempt you from written tests and practical assessment for the conversion process in Queensland.

If not recognized, however, will require you to undergo the necessary assessment procedure which is an ultimate assurance of one’s own life, liberty, and safety.

Tests you need to undertake:

Every state undergoes different tests such as the knowledge test by NSW and the vehicle theory test by Western Australia, this step involves finding out the required automotive tests you need to undertake by the concerned state. If you pass the tests, you’ll be verily accepted as a mature and capable driver, successfully reaching the next step closer to convert your overseas license.

You must follow the essential tools of learning for passing the test successfully in order to make yourself capable to become a good driver. If you will be failed to pass the test, then this procedure will end at that point. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about the basic skills of driving, that what is required to be a good driver.

Submit the conversion process fee:

After undergoing the required tests stamping your psychological and literacy capabilities, you’ll be required to submit due fee (different for different states) for transferring your international license to an Australian one. This can be done online or by reaching a service center in person.

Apply in person:

You’ll be required to submit your driving license conversion application in person at the concerned state’s roads services center to get your work done as per the requirements of the local government. You must have recent photographs and other necessary documents attached with the application. These requirements are compulsory in this procedure.  In concern with this, you must keep the slip to carry out the final assessment test.

Practical driving assessment test:

Finally, you’ll be required to undergo a practical driving assessment test in which your driving potential, skills, and capabilities will be analyzed by the inspection authority. You must follow the generally accepted traffic rules, locally required road norms, and mature ways of driving a vehicle in normal or abnormal driving situations.

Successfully passing this assessment will convert your overseas driving license into an Australian one!

Having the ultimate purpose of securing yourself, every automotive regulation ensures the smooth functioning of road-traffic. Laws are designed and implemented to ensure citizen protection, therefore, it’s an obligation upon every individual to act upon the rule of law.

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