Jump Start Your Car Perfectly

Jump Start Your Car Perfectly

A car passes by you at a high speed and leaves you covered in dirt lifted up by its speed and you are standing at the side of the road, coughing heavily while your car rests at a meter’s distance from you, broken down because of a flat battery. You wait for a kind-hearted person to stop near you and jump start your car since you have tried pushing the car, opening the engine and finding out what’s wrong with it, and even tried to recharge the battery through some scheme that came into your mind at that challenging hour but everything failed.

The hero you await never arrives and when you have completely lost hope, a truck stops by you and out comes a man with a large beard who offers to help you. He pulls out pair of jumper cables to jump start your car, but this is the time you know that there is nothing you can do except calling a mechanic because you don’t know how to use jumper cables.

There are times when we wish we browsed the internet the other day for something useful for a time like this. Well, you’re in luck because we will tell the easiest method to jump start your car perfectly!

About the batteries:

Most of the vehicles use a lead-acid battery to power their systems. These batteries may lose the charges they hold after a time of being left unused. Charge held by them can also be disposed of if you overuse these batteries. What we’re trying to say here is that there is going to be a time when your battery dies off. When it does, it can be restarted with a jump start, or it might be so damaged by that time that it is beyond repair.

One of the most popular reasons your car battery may die are:

 1- Lights being left on

 2- Radio being left on

 3- Weak battery (extensive usage over time)

 4- Corrosion

 5- Drain in the battery

 6- Extreme temperature

Be sure to avoid subjecting your battery to the aforementioned list of reasons. Take proper and regularly check the battery before you travel.

What do you need to jump start a car?

Pretty basic things are required to jump start a car! The list is limited to only two items:

 1- A pair of jumper cables

 2- A working battery inside another car

How to jump start a car?

Since we know about when and what of jump start, let’s jump onto the part of how.

In order to jump start a car, you need to follow the precise instructions mentioned below, otherwise, you might end up damaging both the vehicle batteries and then you might need to pay for two batteries instead of one.

 1- Turn off both the vehicles: To avoid any sparks while you attach the wires to the batteries, you should first turn off both the vehicles and then follow the steps below.

 2- Attach the clips to the first car’s battery: This is a little complicated step but if you follow the instructions carefully, you would be able to pull this jumpstart off very easily! Jump start cables have two clips at each end. One is usually red and the other is black but if the colors are different, you need not worry.

Do note that the colors of both clips will be different from each other, if not, then be careful that you attach the same clip on the other battery too. Now, take the red clip (or the one with + or P or L mentioned on it) and attach it with the positive terminal of the working car’s battery. It is usually a screw pulled out and has + or P written near/on it.

Once done, attach the opposite clip (Red/-/N/R/) to the opposite screw or the long metal plate. Be sure to recheck your connections to ensure that they are not loose or if you have properly attached them to the appropriate terminals.

 3- Attach the clips to the dead car’s battery: You have to ensure that the terminals have the same types of wires as the previous car. For example, if you attached Red clip to the working car’s battery, then attach the other end’s Red clip to the dead car’s battery too. In this way, make the connections properly and double-check them.

 4- Start the first car: Start the working car and let the engine run for a few minutes. This gives it enough time for the battery to be recharged.

 5- Try starting the second car: If your jumpstart is successful, your dead car will start. If it does not do so, try to jump start it again and recheck the connections even more carefully. If it still does not start, your battery might be permanently dead and you will need to buy a new one.


Now that you might have an idea about how to jump start your car, this would allow you some help in case you are in trouble and are stranded all alone and the person that helps you doesn’t know a thing about jumpstarting (which his highly unlikely). Hey, there’s always even a more positive side! Now you can help people in trouble too!

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