Reverse Parking - Not a Myth Anymore

Reverse Parking


Driving is a basic necessity of life. Almost every person wows to drive properly. Some are good drivers, some are pretty bad at it who came to the roads without proper guidance. These types of people are a threat to themselves and other people who shall be on the road. 

Therefore, every country in the world pays the utmost attention to assigning driving licenses to the drivers. Only the eligible drivers who have passed the driving tests can bring their vehicles on the road. And to be honest, these driving tests can be really teasing at times.

So as far as the driving skills are concerned, one of the most important and maybe the most difficult technique to learn is the art of parking the car by reversing it. The highest percentage of drivers who failed the so-called driving tests belong to this particular category of reverse parking.

In this article, we would assure you about teaching reverse parking steps in a very sound and understandable manner. 

What exactly is Reverse Parking?

As it can be clearly and easily understood from the title name that reverse parking is the technique in which the driver has to be an expert in parking the car by applying reverse gear (backword direction) whenever it is required. 

Almost all the drivers can drive straight but this technique requires some extra expertise and keen attention. This is not an easy task at all.

But we would present before you an easy yet complete manual in order to be a pro in reverse parking art.

Steps To Follow

1- Look for a suitable spot : 

When looking for a place to park, the decision power must be quick because, at some crunch moments, there is not enough time to decide. So you have to be a keen an quick observer to find a perfect parking spot.

2- Pass a couple of cars:

Once you have selected an appropriate parking place where the car can only be parked in reverse, you have to cross a couple of vehicles parked beside that selected spot. This will be really helpful for artistic reverse parking.

3- Indicate Your Decision

Turn on the indicator of the side you are planning to turn so that the person coming from behind or front might understand the time you require to park your car.

4- Rotate the Steering

Start rotating your wheel towards the side you are planning to turn and park. At this very moment only rotate the wheel to its maximum limit.

5- Start Reversing

Now the moment you have completed rotating the wheel, you should not start reversing the car by keeping in view the blind spots around you.

6- Move straight

You will be in a position that you have almost got on to the desired place but still, the parking is not as perfect as needed. You need to drive straight a little bit and get your car in a straight line in accordance with the parking place.

7- Final Step

In the final step, you need to slowly reverse your car by looking on both sides and park the car in the designated area.

The car is now parked and you can have a sigh of relief finally.


If you follow these steps and practice those a bit regularly in the start then surely you would be an expert in reverse parking of your vehicle. The technique of how to reverse park your car in a parking place is not much difficult. It just demands extra practice and attention. 

If you are a new driver and still working on your driving skills then you should be visiting “Easy Driving Tests” in order to gain a complete grip on your driving skills.

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